Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Made It - July 10, 2017

What a great way to ease back into blogging - linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.  Woo hoo!!
This past school year I tried Brag Tags for the first time with my 4th graders.  After much looking and going back and forth, I finally decided on the brag tags by Primarily Speaking by Aimee Salazar.  I loved her designs and the size of the tags.  You can find them HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I decided to print and laminate ALL of the brag tags that I thought I'd use this upcoming school year.  I didn't do that last year and wished I had.  Having all of the tags cut and ready will be such a time saver.  AND hopefully it will help me use them more consistently this school year.

What I love about the brag tags by Primarily Speaking by Aimee Salazar is that she continues to add to her tags.  When I went to print the brag tags, I checked My Purchases on TPT and saw that she had updated all of the sets that I had purchased with MORE tags!  How cool is that!?
So now I have my brag tags cut and ready to be put away.  I can cross one thing off of my list of school summer projects.  Next project will be to find a way to store all of these beauties.... Stay tuned!


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  2. I prepped all 108 class sets of brag tags last summer... designed, printed, laminated and cut out! But it was well worth it, I didn't have to think twice about them during the school year.

  3. I also selected Aimee's Brag Tags although I do have a few mini sets or singles from other creators. This will be a new procedure for me this year. Though I didn't print them all, I did print those I thought I'd need most and those I would use in the first trimester. Mine are also all prepped and cut but I did not laminate--we will see how that goes. Any other tips for a new Brag Tagger?

    1. Last year was my first year using the brag tags. Yes, I printed out the ones I thought I would use the most. Not having the brag tags ready when I needed them was a problem last year. Also, having an organized way to store them was a bit of an issue. So this week I made something to store the tags in. Check out my latest post. :)


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