Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

   I'm so excited!  My new little blog has just had a HUGE make-over.  Doesn't it look amazing?  I am super happy with it and with Kristen from Design Infusions.  She was super sweet and easy to work with.  Take a peek at her website by clicking on her button over there to the right.  This blog is definitely one of my new favorite things!

   I am also super excited to be joining my first linky party!  I am linking up with the Teaching Trio to share some of my favorite teaching supplies.  Here we go!

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
Do I really have to explain this one?  I just LOOOOVE these markers!!  The chiseled point and the yummy scents make writing anchor charts, or anything for that matter, so much more fun.  There is no substitute.  None.  Enough said.

Scotch Laminator
Again, another no brainer!  What took me so long to get one, I'll never know.  But, best Christmas present EVER!!  No waiting in line for the school copier, I can laminate while watching my favorite reality TV, and the film is soooo much thicker than what is at school or at the teacher supply store.  This also makes a great gift (that isn't too expensive).  I'm telling you, this thing will change your life!

Jumbo Paper Clips
This might sound crazy, but I MUST have jumbo paper clips.  Not those little ones - jumbo.  Plastic coated is best, but any will do.  I am not even particular about the brand.  The ones from the dollar store work just fine too.  I don't know - I just feel more organized when I have them.  I am always clipping something together.  Things to be copied, last night's homework, tonight's homework that needs to be passed out....  If it's more than a couple of sheets of paper....I'm clippin' them.

What are your must haves?  Come join the fun and link up!

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