Friday, April 22, 2016

Favorite Classroom Games

'Tis the season for testing....
   Are you in the midst of testing too?  Third grade is such a transition year!  Students are no longer considered early childhood.  Often we are called "upper elementary" or "intermediate".  Students are reading to learn instead of leaning to read (ideally).  Third grade also usually marks the beginning of high stakes testing.
    Testing Season is a great time to review skills with classroom games.  The games get students up and moving.  They have fun and you can get in some review.  It's a win-win situation.
   I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to share a few of my favorite classroom games.

  I have a thing for task cards, I'm not gonna lie!  I love using task card for Scoot.  If you're not familiar, to play, you place one task card on each student's desk.  You can use a task card recording sheet for students to write down their answers.  You could also hang the cards around the room for more movement.  Either way, students travel, or scoot, around the desks/room to complete the task cards.  Depending on the type of task cards, I sometimes time the students (give a certain amount of time for each task card).  Each time I ring my bell, students move to the next desk/location.  My students love it!  Sometimes it can get kinda loud, but I turn that into a game too - Silent Scoot!

   For Around the World, you just need flashcards.  Multiplication, subtraction, telling time.....  whatever you want to review.  To play, pick 1 student to start.  The rest of the students/class are sitting at their desks.  Student 1 picks one student to stand beside.  You (the teacher) hold up one of the flashcards.  Only Student 1 and the person that they are standing beside may speak.  If Student 1 says the correct answer first, he/she moves to the next student and the process starts again.  If the sitting student says the answer first, Student 1 sits in that student's chair and the student that was sitting stands up and moves to the next sitting student.  Then proceed as stated above.  Sometimes both students answer at the same time.   I usually call it a "tie" and hold up another card for them to answer.  The goal is for students to go "around the world" (around the classroom) and get back to where he or she first started.  If they do, they are the winner - they've gone "Around the World".  This game is also a great filler activity.  It's no prep, easy to play, and can be played at any time.  

3.   BINGO
    Who doesn't love BINGO?  It's an oldie but goodie.  Plus, you can find BINGO games on just about any topic.  Students love it.  I like to throw in a small treat for the winner(s), like a piece of candy, a pencil, or a Lunch with the Teacher pass.

What are some games you enjoy playing with your students?  Link up and join the fun!

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  1. I love around the world! The kids really have fun too ( lol)! I'm a big time gamer, Thanks for sharing these oldies but goodies!


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